Frequently Asked Questions

Listed are questions and answers, which we commonly get asked. If you cannot find what you are looking for here feel free to email us and we will get back to you in the shortest possible time.

How Much Does A Domain Name Cost?

US$10 – US$100 per year for new domains. Some old domains can sell for millions, but you probably want your own new one.

How Much Does General Hosting Cost?

US$50 – US$1,200/year. This depends on the type of hosting you choose (dedicated, shared, free). Additional fees may be required for additions like SSL (Secure Socket Layer certificate) or static IP Address. Being a Google Partner we provide GSuite email hosting as well at US$5/month for 30GB and US$10/month for Unlimited accounts accessed by the global Gmail web based platform will associated Goolge Apps.

How Much Does Custom Design/ Information Architecture Cost?

US$2,500 – US$10,000+. This includes the visual design, UX design, imagery collection, and sitemap and page structure generation.

This is generally a part of a larger website development package.

How Much Does Shopping Cart Integration & Programming Cost?

US$200 – US$15,000. What kind of functionality do you want in your website? Shopping carts, paid plugins, and custom feature development can cost extra, but the benefits of a fully customized and unique website can outweigh the costs.

How Much Does Website Content Creation Cost?

US$50 – US$200 per page, or hourly. You can write your website’s content yourself, outsource it overseas for around US$1 per page, or use a content writing firm which will charge around US$100 – US$200 per page. Just like a website design, you get what you pay for when it comes to content creation that will rank your site high in search engines and engage your audience.

How Much Does Project Management & Information Gathering Cost?

US$600 – US$3,000. We want to help you and your website succeed, and that means creating a line of communication between you and your developers. This price includes initial consultations, phone calls, and any time that it takes to obtain the information we need to get your site going.

How Much Does Website Testing & Training Cost?

US$600 – US$4,800. While most websites are built on easy-to-use CMS’ nowadays, not everyone knows how to get started with them. This price point includes the time spent training you how to use your new site, as well and ensuring that everything works properly and giving you the chance to make any necessary changes.

How Much Does Website Managed Services Cost?

US$75 – US$150+/month. Managed services can include blog writing, post-launch testing, and content maintenance. May also include marketing and advertising services including AdWords, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media Advertising and more.

Why Are Some Web Design Agencies Inexpensive While Others Are Outrageously Pricey?

To wrap up this whole discussion on pricing I wanted to address something that’s been coming up more and more – even in 2017 – why are prices so wildly different in the web design industry? We had a recent bid on a project where we were smack in the middle. On the low-end there was a company vying for the project at $5,000. On the high end, $300,000. And then us, smack-dab in the middle. Our future client would go on to ask us… “What gives? Why are you so much more expensive than the low-end companies, and so much less expensive than the high-end companies, and why is there such a massive difference in the first place?” What is with this industry!!!!!

I suppose it works a lot like consulting. On the low-end you have people that frankly, have no idea what they’re doing, didn’t listen enough (or pay attention) and frankly are just throwing a number at a wall. I know even with razor thin margins and outsourcing that $5,000 will only allow for about 100 hours worth of time. And there is NO FREAKING WAY this client was going to get the system they needed (based on what they communicated to us) within 2 weeks’ worth of work. I explained as much and they agreed.

And, just like consultants, you have some operating on large margins, prestige, and a large (sometimes helpful, sometimes laborious) process that cost more. Is the $300,000 company twice as good as someone half as expensive? Probably not. At the end of the day it’s all about satisfying requirements. In my opinion it’s the company that can do that the best that wins. If the budget is one of those requirements, then that must be a factor. If on the other hand, budget is high – and a more important piece of the puzzle is that the new system “work” or that the future development company properly communicate progress along the way – then those extra tens of thousands of dollars are well spent.

Our philosophy is if you pay banana’s then you get monkeys! There has to be a balance!