Jesus Rocks Youth Group : Branding & Identity

Jesus Rocks is a christian youth group which is actively involved in its outreach to troubled youths who have been victims of child abuse, depression, substance abuse etc… The group actively works in the rehabilitation of such youths and ensures they have a support system to ensure their introduction back into society. The branding for such a group needed to be upbeat, positive and above all else … empowering similar to the work the group does.

We put our creative thinking caps on and designed a empowering brand which speaks volumes about the positiveness of the group and how it plans to impact the society, not only is this just a brand but now its on shirts, caps, cups and other merchandise the group sells for fundraising.

“The team at Creative Design not only offers the highest quality digital design, but they pump them out fast and are great to work with. They went above and beyond to make sure that each little nuance of our branding matched not only the design concept, but also our church’s vision for the brand. If you are looking for digital designers for your church, non-profit, or business, there is no better bang for your buck than Creative Design.”

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