Nineteen Twentyseven : Branding & Identity

Nineteen Twentyseven is an old school clothing label which is bringing back old english, retro, nerdy fashion back. The vision behind the brand had to be simple and minimal, to offset the balance to its vibrant and expressive collection.

Red is the color for fire and passion, after an evaluation of the vision the team of Nineteen Twentyseven had we were able to bring that passion to life into an identity which was greatly appreciated by our client.

“When we saw our logo we were so excited we wanted to scream! It was perfect and just what we  wanted for our business. We’ve worked with many graphic designers and art directors throughout the years. We were looking for an experienced designer. What we really appreciated about Creative Design’s approach is they had a series of questions for me. They helped get to the heart of what it was we were looking for and to provide clarity. Creative Design has the perfect balance of extraordinary talent and business acumen to help you define your brand. Look no further! I would recommend Creative Design 100% for all of your design needs.”

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