The Inspiration

It all started with a kid who was busy playing his Nintendo Family game, little did he know he would be part of the most amazing generation of his time… a generation that saw the evolution of gaming from the cartridge based Nintendo consoles to Virtual Reality that we have now… from the age of landline telephones to smart phones… from the amazing sounds of bands like N-Sync, Boy Zone and The Backstreet Boys to today’s One Direction, Drake, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus.

Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms but we will only see it when we are ready to, having moved into its 10th year of operation Creative Design decided to take things to the next level… part of our vision was a change in our branding… so what did we do? We went back to where it all began.

Donkey Kong is one of the most celebrated games of all time but what inspired us is that despite going up against a raging ape trying to crush you with a barrel (sometimes flaming) you need to take your game up to the next level every time… from broken stairs to change in the game plot this game never seizes to amaze…we have been following this game from its original 8 bit version it stands as a testament of dedication and never giving up!

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